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Any of you golfers reading this, you should be listening to Dr. K.

Now, I don't know any golfers who wouldn't like to hit the ball farther, hit the ball straighter, or both. Unfortunately, most golfers think if they could afford that new, fancy (read expensive) set of clubs, that would be the solution.

Well, for about 97% of you golfers, your clubs aren't the problem.

It's your mechanics, posture, and core strength, or lack thereof. Fixing those issues will improve your game more than even the best set of clubs on the planet will.

Luckily for you, my good friend Dr. K's "Posture for Golf" program was designed with you in mind. These exercises only take about 5 minutes a day, and if you follow his advice, they'll make a significant improvement in your game.

Try Posture for Golf and you can save a whole lot of money on new clubs.

Dave Soucy
Fitness Expert & Author
Owner, Perfect Fit, LLC
Healthy Weight Inner Circle

"His enthusiasm is second to none, his energy level is through the roof and his knowledge is amazing."

I have been working out with Kareem for four months and I can honestly say that I am in the best and most fit shape of my life. I first met Kareem at the end of 2007 to discuss my goal of running a marathon. My first concerns were some nagging injuries that always seem to flair up about 30 days into a self directed exercise program, and I didn't want to shorten my athletic ability later in life by attempting a marathon without proper guidance.

For my entire life I have been what most would consider very active. I started playing organized sports at a very early age - soccer, tennis, swimming, baseball, etc...You name it and I've played it at some point. Through high school I was a varsity player on multiple sports and then in college I began seeking more of the extreme sports. I raced mountain bikes in Colorado, rocked climbed all over the western US, surfed up and down both coasts, continued to play golf and tennis and picked up running as a quick way to burn off stress and maintain a fitness level for the next sport.

Over the last few years my story is very typical, married with young kids.One goal that I made a point to reach was not putting on any weight as my wife went through multiple pregnancies and the newborn kids began running the house. For the last 4 years I have been able to maintain a very healthy weight and exercise program. Both to keep in shape for any weekend activity I may be able to squeeze in and as a way to burn the stress of a working and raising kids. However, I would eventually get sidelined with some previous injury - shoulder, knee or IT band tightness and have to take some time off to rest and recover.

Then I met Kareem through a good friend one evening in late December. We talked at length about goals and overall lifestyle. I had an open mind and liked what he said about his background and his ability to not only design training programs for specific events but also having the training and knowledge to assist with injury prevention and recovery. I also said that I will pick up the theory and reasons behind doing specific sets and routines later but all I really wanted was to come in each time and get my butt kicked into shape and prepare my body to run 26.2 miles.

Fast forward four months and I have to say that each and every workout has been better than the one before. I am able to do multiple sets of specific exercises, where when we started, I could barely make it through one round. His ability to design exciting and dynamic routines is a major plus and is one of my most favorite aspects of working with Kareem. We've all headed into the gym sort of dreading the workout but I have to admit that I actually enjoy walking into the gym because I know that the pending workout is going to be like nothing else we've done and what I'll get out of it is always for the positive and with the goal of increasing my fitness and getting me across the finish line in one piece.

We've mended the previous nagging injuries and even those that were below the surface. The part that gives me the most comfort is the ability for him to prepare a routine for the day and to be able to watch specific movements to verify that any chance for injury is removed or controlled as much as possible. It's pretty unique to be able to exercise and then get some therapy from the same person. If I am sore or have a tight area we can get in some PT prior to the workout and then Kareem is completely aware of my body and the area that we need to protect and heal.

We've got one month to go until the Marathon and I am very excited about my current level of fitness and knowledge of my body.

I have no second thoughts about recommending Dr. K to anyone. His enthusiasm is second to none, his energy level is through the roof and his knowledge is amazing. What I also find more impressive is his thirst for increased knowledge and understanding.

- Justin Petersmyer

"I've never felt better and plan to continue working out every day."

After 55 years of playing golf, on June 16, 2006, I got my first hole-in-one! I attribute my good fortune to Kareem Samhouri of Global Fitness, LLC. It was Kareem that helped me take control of my health and he helped me stretch and strengthen all of my muscles, especially the muscles needed for the game of golf. He also helped me to develop exercises to increase my balance, especially as needed in a golf swing. The hole-in-one came after 8 weeks of working with Kareem. I also eagled a par 4 in August and missed another hole-in-one by less than 1/4 of an inch in July. But the real impact of my workouts with Kareem is the improvement in the status of my overall health. I've never felt better and plan to continue working out every day."

-Michael R. Sahr

"The Magic Touch":

"Kareem has the magic touch. His attention to detail and fun spirit really helped turn my workout regimen around. I've seen great results in my strength and flexibility while nurturing a shoulder injury."

- Lee Bockus

"Since I have been training with you, the following things are true. I entered training with the very specific goal of eliminating chronic back pain. The chronic muscular back pain from which I have suffered for a decade is now almost entirely gone. It's not a miracle - it's been hard work and worth every step. The best part about working with you is your willingness to listen and patiently provide knowledge, advice and encouragement to meet my goals. In the past, with coaches and trainers, it's been their way or nothing. With you, it's been the best way and the results show it. You have my unqualified endorsement."

-Kevin Vericker

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