Dr. K is a world leader in the health and fitness field. He has had the opportunity to coach tons clients and fitness professionals in their methods for fat loss, joint rehabilitation methods, and golf fitness goal achievement. Because of Dr. K's unique background as both a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Kinesiologist, he is able to offer new and innovative techniques to the field that have previously been undiscovered.

Dr. K believes that you deserve a golf fitness & rehab program that you enjoy, one that will benefit you in the long-term because you look forward to the next session. Dr. K also understands that you are constantly trying to improve your golf game, but that you might not know what methods are the best, and how to stay motivated. Equally important, Dr. K understands your time constraints and fear of re-injury. For this reason, he's developed the best Golf Rehab Guide in the world to help you improve your golf game through improved golf posture and swing mechanics, while minimizing trauma to the shoulder.

For the above reasons, as well as a huge personal drive for success, Dr. K has begun offering information products that are available to people around the world, and without economic or geographical boundaries. His unique approach of combining exercise video and written instruction has helped countless clients achieve their fat loss and fitness goals without the hardship everyone around them experiences.

In short, Dr. K is here to provide you with a safe and effective short-cut to your golf fitness dreams.

For a 30 Day FREE trial of the world's best golf rehab package (plus the amazing bonus of 30 Days free of Lift Hard Play Hard) all you'll have to do is click the "Free Trial" button and fill in your name and credit card information below. If you're not well on your way to driving the ball further and feeling better when you play golf within your 30 day period, just let him know and he'll make sure you don't get charged. On the other hand, when you see how quickly your swing is improving (and how much better you feel), you won't have to do anything and your credit card will be charged $47 after a 30 day period.

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