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Dave Soucy
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Any of you golfers reading this, you should be listening to Dr. K.

Now, I don't know any golfers who wouldn't like to hit the ball farther, hit the ball straighter, or both. Unfortunately, most golfers think if they could afford that new, fancy (read expensive) set of clubs, that would be the solution.

Well, for about 97% of you golfers, your clubs aren't the problem.

It's your mechanics, posture, and core strength, or lack thereof. Fixing those issues will improve your game more than even the best set of clubs on the planet will.

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"I've never felt better and plan to continue working out every day."
Michael R. Sahr

After 55 years of playing golf, on June 16, 2006, I got my first hole-in-one! I attribute my good fortune to Kareem Samhouri of Global Fitness, LLC. It was Kareem that helped me take control of my health and he helped me stretch and strengthen all of my muscles, especially the muscles needed for the game of golf. He also helped me to develop exercises to increase my balance, especially as needed in a golf swing. The hole-in-one came after 8 weeks of working with Kareem. I also eagled a par 4 in August and missed another hole-in-one by less than 1/4 of an inch in July. But the real impact of my workouts with Kareem is the improvement in the status of my overall health. I've never felt better and plan to continue working out every day."

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Dr. Kareem Samhouri (affectionately known as "Dr. K" by his clients and patients) has developed a process of sports reintegration following shoulder injury that provides results every time. Through the use of advanced physical therapy techniques and world-class fitness knowledge he can help you get back to golf the safe way, drive the ball further, chip with more accuracy, and feel better than ever. Your friends will be ridden with jealousy.... but, don't worry, by the time you're done, you'll be able to teach them too.

"Golf is a physically demanding sport for shoulders. Following shoulder injury, in order to increase accuracy and decrease chance of re-injury, it's very important that you introduce golf in stages. By minimizing trauma to the shoulder joint while re-teaching your body the golf swing mechanics, you can drastically improve your outcome. This is best achieved by two factors:

Factor #1:

Muscle imbalances often lead to shoulder injuries, and almost always follow shoulder injuries. The reason for this is that our bodies adapt movement schemes to protect injured areas, and our brains become trained to believe our shoulders belong in different positions than normal. Re-learning biomechanical alignment (position), length (flexibility), and tension (strength) is vital to success with sport and reduced chance of re-injury.

Factor #2:
Club choice and swing distance.

Golf swing theory suggests that recoil and momentum are critical factors in determining ball flight distance and accuracy. As soon as we substitute 'cheating motions' and change swing mechanics, the golf swing becomes less predictable. Carefully introduction of the golf swing to your body following shoulder injury is crucial to your success as a golfer. Choosing the right clubs at the right times, as well as swing distance, will ultimately affect the outcome of your golf swing for years to come."

Golf is about having fun and playing well. It's about constantly challenging yourself to improve upon your previous experience, while fine-tuning your game and enjoying good company. Taking 3-4 hours from your day for golf is only fun when you play well. Constantly struggling to "hit the ball the way you used to" isn't any fun, and it can be frustrating. Now, imagine you're having the worst game of your life and your shoulder gets injured. Talk about a kick in the you know what...

There is a solution. This solution is called the "Golf Rehab Guide."

Here's What You'll Get With The Golf Rehab Guide:
  • Golf Swing & Golf Fitness E-book: "Golf Rehab Guide"
  • Golf Fitness Video: Improving Golf Posture Through Muscle Balancing

30 Days Free In The World's Best Online Training Program

Lift Hard Play Hard

You will receive the first 30 days absolutely free. In fact, if you decide to stay on, you won't even be billed for the second month until the END of the month.

Don't worry, you can still have access to Lift Hard Play Hard for your 30 days, even if you don't decide to keep The Golf Rehab Guide - That's how dead-set I am on making sure you're satisfied with your investment, and successful in reaching your goals.

Here's What The Golf Rehab Guide Will Do For You:
  • Teach you when you should introduce different irons, woods, and your driver to golf following a shoulder injury
  • Strengthen your muscles as they relate to golf
  • Balance your muscles to improve your golf swing mechanics
  • Save you a ton of heartache and pain by helping you avoid re-injury
  • Strengthen your shoulder to withstand recoil and acceleration forces in golf
  • Improve your accuracy and consistency through improved muscle memory strategies
  • Help you drive the ball further, chip better, and feel smoother
  • Improve flexibility, as it relates to the golf swing
  • Most importantly, Golf Rehab Guide will help ensure you're always improving, instead of making up for lost time!
Here's What You'll Need To Do Now If You Want To Take Advantage Of This Limited Time Offer:
  • Click the "FREE TRIAL" button below to fill in your name and credit card information and receive a 30 day trial in a program that guarantees you better golf, a stronger shoulder, and reduced chance of re-injury
  • Evaluate the entire package for FREE for 30 days
  • If you decide you like it and decide to keep it, you'll be billed $47 after 30 days
  • Automatically receive 30 days free in the World's Best Online Personal Training Program (The price of LIft Hard Play Hard is $67/month - You're going to get this free. If you decide to stay on, you will be billed $67 at the END of every month, beginning on the 60th day)
  • If you decide not to keep Golf Rehab Guide, just send it back and you won't be billed a penny.
  • Wait for an email (that will be sent almost immediately) confirming your order and providing you with any necessary links
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your purchase is 100% protected. In fact, you won't even need a refund if you decide the program is not for you. Dr. K will not charge you a penny until you know you are completely satisfied. After 30 days your credit card will be charged a final payment of $47.

(click above if you want to Be A Better Golfer & Strengthen Your Shoulder)

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